Inspiration explosion 

While out on my vacations this summer I came across many pieces and finds to both help me create new and finish old projects. These necklaces were the love children of that. Enjoy the day and go help someone smile. 

Xoxo TBG


And presenting….

the new presentation of TBG stud earrings! All made out of vintage repurposed lace, oh la la. 

  The natural collection: acorn, shell, seed and stone

Upcycled and hand crafted clay earrings  

The button cuff collection: metal, plastic and fabric 

Funky little things

Here’s some new knick-knacks I’ve been working on. Message me for pricing. (Fair prices) I’m on the lookout for festivals and craft fairs to sell in the coming months. Let me know if you know of any 🙂 


Merry Christmas & Happy holidays

Hello all!

Just to let you all now I have finally graduated with my Masters degree! So you can see why there has been a pause in the postings, but for the holiday season I decided to showcase some goodies I’ve been working on.

Find a lovely gift for someone special this holiday season. I also do custom orders.

Please message me directly for pricing and other details.














New gems and jewels

So I’ve been working here and there on a few things. Also, I have been starting to work with plant fibers to make cordage, so be on the lookout for some amazing organic jewelry coming from that!! I had a good friend so me how to create it and I’m very excited to share it with all of you.

This summer has been adventurous and busy so I apologize for the lack of posts. I hope these fun new goodies make up for it. And as fall approaches be on the look out for TBG hopefully going to another craft festival.

photo 1(18)
turquoise and brown bead leaf earrings
photo 2(11)
upcycled gold giraffe and peacock pendant necklace
photo 4(15)
upcycled gold giraffe and peacock pendant necklace
photo 4(29)
upcycled gold and blue anchor necklace
photo 3(29)
natural quartz pendant
photo 2(12)
Landshark bottle cap earrings
photo 3
Mixed gemstone studs
photo 5(24)
Turquoise and Brown beaded leaf earrings
photo 5(27)
Mix-Match Seaside studs

photo 5(14)
AND TONS MORE HOPESTONES AVAILABLE!!! Please feel free to send requests.
photo 3(25)
(My stones range from $1-10. Joellen’s *see previous post* range from $10-100+)